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Keepers of the Art -- The Best in Entertainment and Education! "Truth Music" Movement from Northeast Ohio

The more you get involved, the more love you can spread. Become a writer/blogger now! Hip Hop Flavas every saturday night @ 10 pm (EST) 91.3FM The Summit - Hip Hop is something you LIVE!

Akron, OH (PRWEB) October 21, 2010

Keepers of the Art, Inc. is a Hip-Hop advocacy organization designed to preserve the roots and integrity of the culture through progressive educational & entertainment outlets. Keepers of the Art, Inc. specializes in lectures, youth workshops, and programming all centered around youth and the preservation of Hip-Hop Culture. Presently, Keepers of the Art, Inc. produces and sponsors "Hip-Hop Flavas - Celebrating the Golden Age & Beyond" an "edutainment" media reform radio program designed to spotlight "true school" hip-hop music (91.3 The Summit WAPS, Saturday nights at 10pm). Keepers of the Art, Inc. provides the following services: Youth Workshops, Lectures, Program Development and more.

Keepers of the Art produces Hip Hop Flavas, an "edutainment" radio program designed to mix "true school" Hip Hop past and present with relevant social commentary. Hip Hop Flavas airs every Saturday night at 10pm on 91.3 WAPS- The Summit. To date, the following in-studio guests have been: Akron Public Schools Superintendent- Dr. Sylvester Small, Akron Urban League President- Bernett L. Williams, Educational Lyrics Founder- Gabriel Benn, Assistant to the Mayor- Billy Soule, among many others.

Hip Hop Flavas is sponsored by the City of Akron and Akron Community Foundation's Neighborhood Partnership Program, Guitar Center, Cargill, SHOOIn Company, JenBStampin and Square Records.

Also presently, Keepers of the Art is in partnership with the Ohio Governors Office, Akron Public Schools and the Akron Urban League to provide mentoring services for the purpose of closing the achievement gap among 9th grade African-American males.

Keepers of the Art also teaches classes via the H.E.L.P Workshop- designed for educators who are looking for a unique way to culturally connect to the diverse youth they serve. The creation of H.E.L.P. came out of a desire to use the influence of Hip Hop music on the 21st century student, to promote student interest in reading and strengthen their abilities in all five areas of literacy: phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, comprehension, writing and fluency.

The Hip-Hop Generation and the Need for New Leadership: This workshop will delve into the current state of Black leadership in America. Additionally, students will understand how hip-hop culture is the most influential, and the only universal social phenomenon in the American marketplace. With this being said, it is imperative for the next generation of leaders to understand its past and present power in order to effectively use it to influence political, economic and social policy.

Hip-Hop v. Rap - A Historical Perspective: This workshop offers an historical perspective of Hip-Hop culture from its conception to present day. The elements of the culture will be highlighted and explored. Additionally, we will break down the love-hate-love relationship between hip-hop and American society. Lastly we will discuss and explore the un-seen corporate forces that are negatively influencing Hip-Hop Culture.

The Dwindling Number of Men of Color on College Campuses: This workshop explores the crisis of the shortage of men of color in institutions of higher education. Along the way, we will spotlight social barriers that have and continue to impede these young men from achieving academic excellence. Lastly, recommendations and solutions will be introduced in order to empower our young men to overcome these social barriers.

Young Genius Program: A collaborative mentoring effort between Gov. Strickland's Initiative To Increase The Graduation Rate, Akron Public Schools, The Akron Urban League and H.E.L.P. The Young Genius Program seeks to provide socially relevant, holistic approaches to academic, socio-economic and cultural improvement.

Facilitated by Keepers of the Art, Inc., the program consists of four components: Violence Prevention & Gangs (Anger Management-Conflict Resolution-You and the Law-The System-Violence-Community Panel Discussion), Negative & Positive Images in Hip Hop & the Media (History-The Message-Bling Bling-Video Girls-The Media-What's Good), H.E.L.P. (the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Project), and Financial Literacy (Setting Financial Goals-Understanding Credit-Savings Strategies-Managing Debt). Classes are conducted at The Akron Urban League, currently for ninth grade students in various Akron Public Schools.

Please contact Keepers of the Art at info(at)keepersoftheart(dot)com or 330-990-1178 for more info, questions or booking.


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Russian wins Polish piano contest

WARSAW, Poland – A jury of the world's leading pianists awarded this year's Chopin Piano Competition to Russian Yulianna Avdeeva, the first woman to win the prestigious classical music competition in 45 years.

Avdeeva, 25, was selected by the jury for the gold medal and euro30,000 ($41,500) prize. Winning the title opens the doors to the best concert halls around the globe and deals with recording companies.

"I'm very excited, it is difficult to describe in words, but I'm very, very happy to be here," Avdeeva said after the competition, adding that she had been working toward this her "whole life."

Held only once every five years, the competition involves three grueling weeks of performing the works of Poland's beloved 19th century composer, Frederic Chopin. It culminates in concerts of the 10 finalists performing with an orchestra. Avdeeva said she was so taken by the music, she had no time to think of the competition.

"Chopin's music is so very special, I was enjoying every performance because I was not thinking about the competition, but was thinking about the music only," she told reporters.

The contest is known for its tough judging — in 1990 and 1995 none of the contestants was deemed good enough for the top prize.

Martha Argerich, a past winner and member of the jury, told The Associated Press the panel had been impressed by the searching quality in Avdeeva's performance.

"She's a very harmonious artist. She's always searching for some kind of truth," said Argerich, who won in 1965.

"I am extremely happy about Yulianna, and particularly because she is the first woman after 45 years. After me there was no lady, so I am very happy — double — for this."

The prize for runner-up prizes was shared between Ingolf Wunder, a 25-year-old Austrian and Moscow-born Lithuanian Lukas Geniusas, 20. Third prize went to Daniil Trifonov, 19, of Russia. Bulgaria's Evgeni Bozhanov, 26, won fourth prize and the fifth prize was awarded to Francois Dumont, 25.

The contestants spent three weeks playing technically demanding Chopin works, from studies and preludes to large forms like the sonatas and, finally, concertos, performed on stage.

Chopin, born in 1810 of a Polish mother and a French father, drew widely from folk and Polish national dance music, like the quick-tempo mazurka, or stately polonaise. The emotional aspects, combined with technical challenges and changing tempos make Chopin's music especially tough to perform.

The competition started in 1927 and has been held every five years since, except for a hiatus during World War II. Past winners include Maurizio Pollini of Italy, Argentina's Argerich, Poland's Krystian Zimerman and Rafal Blechacz.

The prize winners are to perform at gala concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Job touts Apple TV sales figures

Apple's efforts to revamp its Apple TV product line could be paying off. The company says its sold more than 250,000 units since unveiling a new version of the device last month.

Those numbers come directly from Steve Jobs, who made a rare appearance during , when one analyst asked Apple's CEO to comment on customer response to the new Apple TV:

I can report that in just a short amount of time, we've already sold over 250,000, and we're thrilled with that. I think it's a great product, and its $99 price point is very enticing. And I think when we get AirPlay in place it'll give people another reason to buy it.

A quarter of a million Apple TVs is impressive in its own right, but the most interesting aspect of the number is that Apple gave it out at all. From the very beginning of the product's life in 2007, Apple hasunder its numbers for "Related Products and Services," and as such has never shared the number of Apple TVs sold in a quarter-or during any time period, for that matter.

Back in January 2009, on another earnings call, Apple COO Tim Cook said that , citing the addition of movie rentals to the iTunes Store, but didn't give people any idea of what the actual sales were.

Similarly, at a Goldman Sachs technology conference in February 2010, Cook said , but again gave no hint as to specific unit sales.

Now, it's not clear what the exact time period Jobs was referring to was (pre-orders beginning September 1 until the end of the quarter? Until Monday's call?) or if all those units have been shipped or if some are backorders waiting to be filled. But what is clear is that if Steve Jobs is finally comfortable throwing out a sales number for the Apple TV, Apple is confident that the product's status as a 'hobby' may be coming to an end.